How The Right Car Finance Can Make Your Life Easier If You Have A Bad Credit History


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Whether you wish to buy a nearly new car or a used one, the impact of either purchase can leave you with a substantial hole in your overall financial situation. Acquiring a car is a big expense and requires months of planning, budgeting, and saving in order to execute the purchase. However, you don’t always have that kind of money or a source of income that can enable you to make a purchase that significant – which is why most people opt for car finance – it’s the smarter thing to do.

Taking the car finance route means that you don’t run out of cash and you still manage to purchase a fantastic car. Here are 3 significant benefits to you, amongst many, that make taking out car finance from a specialist lender who deals with customers with bad credit history, a very clear choice:


They’re Easier to Obtain

If you opt for acquiring a standard car loan from the bank or a common lender, your application would be rejected on the basis of bad credit history, a bankruptcy discharge or CCJs. We’re not saying that obtaining car finance from companies like us will not put you through the above-mentioned checks, but compared to standard loan procedures, you have a much higher chance of securing car finance through specialised car finance companies.

Fixed Finance Costs

There are no fluctuating interest rates when it comes to the repayment of these car finance arrangements. The fixed interest rate will usually be defined when you sign the relevant agreement. As a result, you will know from day one the exact amount that you have to pay for your car. Also, if you’re dealing specifically with us, you will be charged no hidden or upfront fees. We guarantee risk-free, transparent transactions at all times.

Our Customer Care Promise

We are regularly praised by our customers for the customer care that we provide.  It is second-to-none.  Our customers love the fact that we keep the paperwork simple and brief and, after discovering their preferences we email them a choice of cars that exactly fit their budget and tastes. You will receive images and a write-up on the cars’ specification so that you can make an informed choice.  You will also know that if you have any questions they will be answered fully, politely and promptly by our Customer Care Manager.  You’ll drive your car away knowing that everything is in place for years of carefree driving!

The Added Benefits

DriveawayAutos’ car finance is offered with many other added benefits. For example, when you obtain car finance from us at DriveawayAutos to buy one of our cars, you can count on receiving a fully-serviced vehicle with 12 months’ MOT. These benefits add value to your overall car purchase transaction that is otherwise not available with some other car loans.

You will also have complete peace of mind because the car you purchase from us will carry the highest level of guarantee from Autoguard, one of the most respected companies offering car warranties today.

If you wish to obtain car finance and buy the car you dream about, but are having trouble finding it because of bankruptcy and bad credit ratings, or simply because you’re self-employed – get in touch with us!

We have a great range of cars for sale, from companies like Audi, Ford, Renault, and more – you’ll definitely find a car that makes your heart race just a little quicker!


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