UK Car Insurance Myths Demystified

Having motor insurance gives you peace of mind that whatever happens to your car, you will be covered to a certain degree based upon what kind of policy you have. However, most people become wary of getting insurance as there have been a lot of myths going about car insurance that may cloud your judgment and keep you from making a well-thought-out decision.

Myth #1: A comprehensive policy covers all vehicles that you drive

While this may be true with some policies, the majority of insurance companies do not provide this kind of flexibility in their insurance. Coverage for driving other cars also depends on a number of factors, such as the insured person’s age, occupation, and other factors.

Myth #2: Third-party coverage is less expensive than a comprehensive policy

Third party, theft, and fire or third party only insurance may appeal to most people because it appears to be a cheap option. However, in reality, a comprehensive policy oftentimes is available at cheaper rates. It is best to compare your options thoroughly before you decide that a comprehensive policy is not for you.

Myth #3: Dealing with an insurer directly is always cheaper

Most people think that by cutting out the broker or any other middleman, they can save a few extra pounds on the fee for their services. However, insurance has become a fully-fledged business industry and insurance agents are ready to sell you everything they have to you to earn more money. On the other hand, when you consult a middleman, they help you identify different insurance options and choose the best one for you, from the right company.

These were just a few myths surrounding car insurance. For more information about your car insurance options, you can find out all you need to know at Driveaway Autos. We also provide services for UK car finance for bankrupts as well as car finance on bad credit history.  Get in touch with us today to discover your motor insurance and financing options today.

Our Customer Care Promise

We are regularly praised by our customers for the customer care that we provide.  It is second-to-none.  Our customers love the fact that we keep the paperwork simple and brief and, after discovering their preferences we email them a choice of cars that exactly fit their budget and tastes. You will receive images and a write-up on the cars’ specification so that you can make an informed choice.  You will also know that if you have any questions they will be answered fully, politely and promptly by our Customer Care Manager.  You’ll drive your car away knowing that everything is in place for years of carefree driving!

 The Added Benefits

DriveawayAutos’ car finance is offered with many other added benefits. For example, when you obtain car finance from us at DriveawayAutos to buy one of our cars, you can count on receiving a fully-serviced vehicle with 12 months’ MOT. These benefits add value to your overall car purchase transaction that is often not available with some other car loans.

You will also have complete peace of mind because the car you purchase from us will carry the highest level of guarantee from Autoguard, one of the most respected companies offering car warranties today.

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